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How Much Does Personal Training Cost?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When people contact me enquiring about my coaching services I nearly always get asked two things. First of all, "can you help me with...x, y or z" and secondly "how much do you charge".

Gone are the days when personal training was for the rich and famous but people want value for money and rightly so. So, how much should you pay for a personal trainer?

There are no guidelines or regulations for personal trainers when they get qualified so they are free to charge whatever they like. However, if they freelance in your local gym it's likely the gym owner will have a minimum charge in their agreement to stop personal trainer's having price wars. Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for so it depends what quality of service you are looking for. However, there are a few factors which you should consider when selected a gym trainer for yourself.

1. Where you live - prices vary considerably depending on geography. Usually based upon the socio-economic status of where you live. I once trained someone who moved to Devon from London. She thought my charges were an absolute bargain in comparison!

2. Qualifications - if your trainer has a higher level of qualification then they are likely to charge slightly more because their knowledge and expertise is greater. Don't forget you aren't paying someone to watch you while you train and laugh at your rubbish jokes. You are paying for their knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to coach and design programmes that give you the results you are after. Also, people who are doing their qualification or are newly qualified will charge less. Of course they have to start somewhere and this may seem like an excellent deal, but if you need help with something specfic or more complex then these personal trainer's probably aren't suitable for you.

3. Add ons - some personal trainers charge more for additional services. For example, access to their fitness app, nutrition plans, "free" group sessions, social media support groups, access to programmes, check ins etc. They may charge you extra for these sevices or include them in the price. Either way you will have to pay for them; so if you don't want these services being offered then a different trainer might be better for you.

4. Face to face or online - in person training is most likely going to cost more than if you use an online trainer. They have overheads to cover, travel expenses and have more time restrictions placed upon them than online trainers. However, they can never replicate the personalisation and repour you will receive from a face to face personal trainer.

I hope you found this blog useful in your search for a personal trainer. If you would like to know what my services and costs are click here. Nicola.

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