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I'm an excellent gym trainer but don't take my word for it...

Nicola's approach has helped me feel confident and taught me that I can and do belong in a gym. I am now able to confidently train independently in an environment where I had previously felt I didn’t belong.


Nicola's knowledge and ability to deliver excellent coaching is second to none and is the reason we continually look to work with her. She is friendly, relatable, inspirational and motivational which means sessions are engaging, educational and fun as well as being the right level of ‘hard work’.

Plymouth University Rowing Coach

I presented to her with a lot of pain and limited mobility issues that I had ‘trained over’ for years. My pain issues are gone completely & my mobility ranges are near enough unrecognisable now and improving still. A joy to work with. Can’t thank her enough.

Chris - Combat Sports Athlete

Nicola really listened to my goals at the beginning and has created programmes for me that I can easily do on my own between sessions, and that fit in with what I want to achieve. Her level of expertise is second to none and I feel totally comfortable and confident with her.


Nicola is an excellent coach that takes the time to understand your goals and tailor your program specifically to reach them. Nicola is very knowledgeable and experienced, can work around injuries and has a great sense of humour! Nic has helped me achieve several strength goals, improved my mobility routine and introduced me to different training concepts. I cannot recommend Nicola enough - her coaching and service will not disappoint.


Nicola is not an in your face PT, but she does have more qualifications than you can shake a stick at, she cares, she's intuitive, she's represented GB and she knows her s**t. I would highly recommend her.


Nicola is a very approachable, knowledgeable and an inclusive personal trainer. I feel so much more confident walking into a gym and I've reached goals I never thought I'd reach with her guidance. Cannot recommend her enough.


I can not recommend this business enough! Knowledgeable, reliable, ethical, understanding and a fantastically priced personal trainer, who is more than happy to help you achieve & exceed your goals and if needs be, find yourself. Nicky is an amazing lady who provides an outstanding service, you really won't be disappointed, you can't get anyone who is more dedicated and determined. She can work with all abilities and needs.


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