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Personal Training for Treks


Hi There! I'm Nicola, and I'm an experienced trekker and adventurer. In 2017 and 2023, I successfully trekked the Indian Himalayas and Madagascar for charity. I'm passionate about walking and the great outdoors, and I understand the physical and mental effort needed to complete an adventure challenge. With my expertise, I can help you achieve your fitness goals and give you the skills and confidence to take on your own adventures. So let's get started...


Adventure Challenge Training

Inspired Coaching is a personal training and online service dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals by providing tailor-made training plans and expert advice. Nicola is an experienced coach who has helped many clients achieve their strength and fitness goals, and she specialises in helping people prepare for adventure challenges.Whether you are looking to climb to Everest Base Camp, trek the Himalyas, canoe the Zambezi, cycle Vietnam or swim in Iceland Inspired Coaching has the tools and knowledge to help make your goals a reality. With both online and personal training options, Nicola makes it easy to get the support you need to reach your fitness goals and enjoy your trip of a life time.


Inspired Coaching: Couch To Mountains Programme

Inspired Coaching: Couch To Mountains provides online training programmes and coaching to get new trek adventurers physically ready to complete their trek challenge.

From planning walks, home fitness workouts, gym training programmes and personal training Couch To Mountains has it all. The best thing is some of these services are free. Yes you heard it, free!


Why do I do this? Because I have witnessed on treks I have done what happens when people don't prepare adequately. I have watched them struggle, hurt, cry and be disappointed with a trip which should be an amazing experience, not a nightmare one. I don't want that to be you. I have put together a selection of services at different price points so I can help my fellow trekkers regardless of your budget.

Couch To Mountains runs at specfic times of the year. If you would like to join the next C2M group please click here for more information or to book your place.

Training Services Available

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