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What's the difference between a personal trainer and personal coach?

I am a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach with a degree in PE which means my qualifications, expertise, knowledge and experience exceeds that of the average personal trainer.

I am self conscious about being in a gym. How can you support me with this?

Stepping into a new gym for the first time can be daunting and is a common and very normal response. I have worked with many people in this situation and have helped them become more confident and independant with their training by working at your pace, being patient and understanding but also encouraging you when appropriate.

What is an inclusive coach?

I work with and encourage people from all walks of life to train with me. I do not judge, discriminate or treat certain groups of people differently. I pride myself in making sure I can offer an excellent service to all my client's tayloring to any specfic needs they may have.

Do I need a certain level of fitness before I book some sessions with you?

No definitely not. Everyone says to me they aren't fit or strong enough when they start. I work with complete beginners and seasoned gym goers. Everyone has something to improve and learn.

I have a medical condition or injury. Will personal coaching help with that?

Yes. As long as you have been cleared to exercise (with or without restrictions) by your GP, physiotherapist or surgeon. I can work with you and recommendations from your medical contact to put together a progressive programme to help speed up your recovery.

Why don't you do nutrition plans and track people's body weight and measurements?

I am not a nutritionist and therefore not qualified to design nutrition plans. I am qualified to offer some advice on food which I do when asked.

I am a weight inclusive coach which means I never take or use any kind of data related to my client's body weight and shape. I do not believe this develops long term sustainable enjoyment of exercise.

I have a busy lifestyle and won't always be able to commit to to regular training. Can a personal trainer work for me?

No problem at all. I am very flexible and can fit in with your availability. You do not have to commit to regular or long term training with me.

With the cost of living rising can I make personal coaching work for me?

Yes, definitely. There are various ways to make training with me more affordable. Group training is probably the most cost effective way of getting regular exercise in. I also have many client's who come for programme upgrades every 3-6 months too. Read my blog on personal training costs here.

Am I able to train with a friend or partner and spilit the costs?

Yes. I don't charge more for having two people at a training session.

Do I have to commit to regular, long term training with you?

No, of course not. I am flexible with when you train and how often. If you want training on an ad hoc basis that's okay. I have many client's that see me every 3-4 months for programme upgrades or to check in with progress or just to freshen up their training. Not everyone wants or needs to see me every week which is great too.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions not answered above.

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