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Why I Don't Do Before And After Pictures As A Personal Trainer

As a weight inclusive, health at every size trainer I don't subscribe to using before and after pictures, transformations or selling 12 week challenges. A client last week asked me why I don't do before and after pictures and highlighted that they would be good for business.

This is a very good question. I am aware that I probably do sound like a party pooper when people want to celebrate their fitness journey successes and the efforts they have endured to get there. I appreciate that changing any lifestyle habits are hard work and everyone likes to be accredited for that.

Personal training Newton Abbot

However, here's why I think the before and after thing is really a sham and can be harmful in the long term.

➡️ It can lead to disordered eating and exercise.

➡️ It perpetuates our society's obsession that thinness=healthy.

➡️ Usually when we move more and eat a more nutritionally balanced diet we lose weight. This should be a byproduct of being more physically active and healthy not the reason why we do it.

➡️ People attribute their weight loss to being more happy or confident. In reality those feelings are probably from hormonal and chemical reactions to moving and mindful eating.

➡️ Those pictures only tell one story. They are promoted as "Here's me, when I was fat, ugly and unhappy. Now this is me, thin, pretty and happy." What they don't tell you is what was happening in that person's personal life to be unhappy. And in actual fact 12 weeks later they are back to being 'fat and unhappy' because rather than deal with the real cause of their unhappiness society makes them believe it's to do with their size.

➡️ It is the fitness industry's biggest earner and in my opinion scam. Despite the fact that physical activity levels in adults have not improved over the years those working in the fitness industry are making huge profits from weight loss products and services.

➡️ PT's and coaches should be in the business of getting people moving for health and enjoyment not the latest body shape fad.

Personal trainer Newton Abbot, Devon

Finally, and this is a big one for me personally I truly believe that while people obsess about how they look it distracts us away from what is actually important and that is being a better human being. Kindness, tolerance, decency, compassion and love can't be portrayed in a before and after picture. Nicola 💚

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Personal training Newton Abbot, Devon

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Nicola Poole is the owner of Inspired Coaching. With 10 years Personal training and S&C coaching behind her, 4 years of tutor/assessing in personal training, 7 years of competing in powerlifting at an elite level plus 14 years as a PE teacher she has extensive knowledge and experience in her field of work. Using the moto ‘Where Every Body Fits’ sums up the diverse clientele she works with, operating as an inclusive, HAES and body neutral coach helping people achieve the right balance between exercise, health and life. Nicola currently freelances for Performance Training Academy supporting them in their delivery of health and fitness courses.

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