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Building Resilient Legs

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Building resilient legs is a selection of exercises to incorporate into your warm up routine to help develop lower body mobility, stability and strength. They have been put together specifically to help trekkers and walkers but are suitable for general use also. It's important that your lower body can handle the knocks, slips, weight transfers, stepping and movement in different directions, uneven foot placement, dropping down different heights and jumping out of trouble if needed. These exercises are designed to help you prepare your soft tissues and joints for these situations and in turn reducing your risk of injury. This free download is part of my Couch To Mountains Programme which I run three times a year. It includes free online support and events as well as a paid comprehensive 14 week training programme for anybody who wants help with their trek training. If you would like to sign up to the next cycle of the programme please email and quote "Couch To Mountains".

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